Left Field Engineering

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Specializing In:

Design Consulting - Custom Parts - Existing Part Modification

Experience With:

Creative Solutions & Design Consulting

Drafting (CAD) & 3D Modeling

CNC Milling - CNC Plasma

Manual Machining -  Bridgeport & Lathe Work

Surface Grinding / Abrasive Machining

 Welding & Brazing - MIG, TIG, STICK & Gas

Aluminum Welding

Plasma Cutting

3D Printing

Why Left Field Engineering?

  • Honesty - If there's a problem I'll tell you, no BS excuses.
  • Respect - I treat every project as if it were my own.
  • Class - I do it the right way, because it's the right thing to do.

I know these traits are hard to find in today's business world, but not at Left Field Engineering.

Who Is Left Field Engineering?

My name is Andy Gray and I’m a mechanical engineering tech who has been building things for as long as I can remember.  As a boy, all of my projects seemed to end unfinished with the same problem: I could never find that one piece.  That "one piece" changed from one project to the next, but it always involved equipment or skills that I didn’t have.

     Like most people, I dismissed going to a machine shop or welding shop with such a small project in fear that they were too busy, too expensive or too dismissive of a crazy kid with an idea.

     Since then, I’ve spent years accumulating the tools & knowledge to finish my projects.  Realizing that I could not have been the only person out there who needed that special piece, I created Left Field Engineering.  The go-to source for your project's missing part.

     Even if your project's missing piece is advise, after years of building things with every day items I’ve  developed a capacity for seeing things as they could be, rather than as  they are now.


I Have Your Missing Part – In Stock