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300zx Convertible Frame Repair


Got Busted 300zx Convertible Frame Brackets?

If So?  I can help.

    Traditionally customers take their broken brackets to a local welding shop for repair.  This solution sounds good at first, but welding alone may not be enough.  Welding cast parts can be tricky and they tend to re-break on either side of the repair. To solve this problem I've developed a method to strengthen the brackets, not just repair them.

50% of the brackets I've worked have already been "fixed" once.  Don't let it happen again.

Over 60 sets repaired to date (3/25/21)


300ZX Bracket Repair - $165.00

Which Includes:

  • Complete welding, machining & reinforcing of both brackets.
  • All welds blended smooth leaving a bit thicker then originally.
  • Brackets are cleaned & sprayed with 2 coats of gloss black paint.
  • Return shipping w/ tracking via USPS Priority Mail (United States)
  • International customers - shipping cost will vary based on location.