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Having worked on over 500 projects it would be a huge undertaking to publish them all, the projects shown below have been chosen as they showcase the capabilities of Left Field Engineering

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Ski Club Boat Trailer Repair - Axle & Bunk Replacement


Oil Tuck Bumper

Years of delivering oil in New England had taken its toll on the original bumper, it was rusted and falling apart.  I fabricated this replacement bumper using 2x4 C-channel which has less of a chance of catching and holding water / dirt.

 Metallurgical Saw Replacement Parts

My customer had 2 problems with their Struers metallurgical saw.  The original clamping shoes were steel which tended to damage the samples being cut and replacements parts were expensive.  The new clamping shoes are made from HDPE which is hard enough to maintain clamping pressure, yet soft enough to protect the samples.  The shafts are made from 1018 steel and feature threaded ends for easy exchange of clamping shoes.

Pivoting Vise Mount

This pivoting base was designed by my customer to help position work pieces for sculpting.  Made from plumbing parts, trailer balls and an old lapping plate this pivoting base can be adjusted to almost any angle.  The modifications included: reducing the trailer ball shanks, drilling the surface plate, truing up the trailer ball surface, welding the nuts together and chamfering the inside of the flanges for more bite.

Adjustable Drawer Divider

The title pretty much sums this one up.  I used the CNC to drill the peg holes so there's little to no variation, each divider fits along the entire main beam.

Custom CNC Plasma Signs

Custom signs can be made from customer designs or from LFE's extensive library of existing cut files.  All signs are made to order.

Reproduction Ghost Busters Pack Parts


Custom Bent Hairpin Aluminum Table Legs


CNC Machined Guitar Part


Reproduction Back To The Future Delorean Parts


The "Nautiki Bar"

Late fall 2010 I inquired about a free 1978 Ski Nautique on Craigslist. Now typically when someone says they have a hull its got most of the parts and it just needs A LOT of work.  Needless to say I was a little shocked when I showed up to find an completely stripped hull, every single screw and part was removed. Not to leave empty handed I decided that the trailer it was sitting on was worth $100 bucks in scrap metal so why not take her home?  After a few days of searching I came to the realization that there were NO parts available and my only hope was to make something cool with this classic boat.
   I first started by chopping off the back of the boat & making the "Nautique Mini Bar".  The mini bar was a huge hit & it gave me the idea to make a full size bar.  When I get an idea for a project I have a good idea of what it'll look like when I'm done.  The hard part is explaining it to everyone else in a way they can understand.  Thankfully a good friend of mine, Thomas Hewitt does does conceptual modeling.  He had always asked me if I ever had a project I needed molding for to give him a call.  Thankfully he was able to take my terrible hand sketch & 2 paragraphs and create exactly what I had in mind.
     The next steps were to cut it in half, and construct the sub-frame which would hold up not only the boat but the bar top.  The frame is made with six 2"x12" legs, 1"x4" cross-members and 3/4" exterior grade plywood.  Because of its size the bar is designed to be kept outside, meaning weather resistant.  The inside is washable and has provisions to drain excess water out of the bottom.