Left Field Engineering

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Left Field Engineering Dock & Lift Repair

Small cracks, major overhauls, custom modifications, etc.

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Don't junk you old dock aluminum dock or lift.  FIX IT!

Aluminum Dock Welding

Life on the water is rough on docks, the constant wave action takes it's toll on even the strongest docks. This dock end section had 7 cracked welds and 2 broken cross-members.  The dock was repaired and reinstalled in less than 10 days, just in time for for the family to enjoy on Memorial Day weekend.  

Jetski & Boat Lift Repair

This lift suffered some ice expansion damage which cracked the lift arm cross tube.  The tube was cut-out and replaced with a new one.  New (larger) drain holes were added to prevent the ice from building in the future. This lift was also delivered an installed at the customers lake house.