Left Field Engineering

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  Full Size 1911 Pistol Grips

  •  Each pair made to your specifications
  •  Price: $45.00 / pair for available wood types
  •  Fits Full Size 1911 Pistols
  •  FREE Shipping (USA)
  •  Handmade here in the good ole USA
1.) Select Material:

      Available Wood Types:

         Walnut                          Tiger Maple                         Purple Heart                         Pink Ivory    

         Lacewood                     Cocobolo*                           Synthetic Ivory*                    Bird’s Eye Maple

         Mesquite                      Laminated "Royal Camo"    Red Heart


       Other Material Types:    Available upon request – please submit request for details.

          Kingwood          Curly Maple          Mahogany          Palm        

          Rosewood*       Ambrosia Maple    Queen Wood  


         Customer Supplied Wood:   Send me your wood & I'll cut you some really unique grips.


 2.) Select Cut

        Standard: Original size, fits comfortably for the average male shooter.

        Undersize: Slightly smaller, perfect for those with smaller grips. (average .050" smaller)

        Oversize: Somewhat oversize cut gives a more comfortable grip for people with larger hands. (average .050" larger)


 3.) Select Finish

         A.)  Natural wood in:       High Gloss          Semi-Gloss         Flat / Matte (waxed finish)

         B.)  Unfinished (-$2.00)

         C.)  Walnut Color Stained  (+$10.00) - Due to the vast number of inquires we will now be

                                                                         offering a stain option for Birds-Eye & Tiger Maple.




1.) These grips are designed for a tight fit, some minor fitting may be required. Work should be preformed by a qualified gunsmith.

2.) The photos shown below are to help you in choosing a wood type for your custom grips.  A natural characteristic of wood is that no two pieces are identical. Features such as tone, color, grain vary from board to board.  Also keep in mind that factor such as; screen resolution, camera settings & lighting can also affect pictures.  I do my best to produce a consistent product, but with any natural materials some variation is to be expected.  If you have any questions or would like to have photos of wood selection sent before carving please ask during the ordering process.

3.) Cocobolo & Rosewood are a very oily wood & rejects the Tru-Oil gun finish, as a result they are only available in a waxed matte finish or unfinished

4.) Synthetic Ivory takes twice as long to cut, as a result they cost $59.00 / pair instead of $45.00.